• Do I have to have a website before I join Traffic Digger?

    No, you don't have to. You can put link for your affiliate program, multi-level-marketing, work-from-home-opportunities, or anything else. And you can put your Traffic Digger link other sites that don't require any websites too.
  • Is there any prohibited list of websites I can't put in Traffic Digger?

    Website content with pornography, warez, cracks, hate and racial intolerace are strictly phohibited. Any member who violates this will be removed and banned from Traffic Digger
  • My website is not in English. Can I still join Traffic Digger?

    Yes, you can. You can use Traffic Digger to advertise your website in any language. There's big probability that your downlines will come from the same language background, thus you will create a network with base visitors from your language.
  • Does Traffic Digger guarantee my website will get millions of visitors each month without doing anything?

    No, we never guarantee that your website will get millions of visitors without doing anything. Traffic Digger uses viral marketing concept, which means that more downlines you have, more websites show link to your website, and more visitors will come to your website.